Monday, February 11, 2008

So I'm Going to Break a Rule

It's a rule of my own, never discussed and never revealed until know, when I break it. But here it is:

My rule was to never complain about the p.

The thought behind my rule was that, well, this is at its heart an IF blog, and it seems (to me) just so rude to complain about something that I wanted more than anything nce I've gotten it. In additiona to which, I know that there are more than a few who would gladly switch places with me, mama and all, if it meant being five months along.

So. I'm whiny, I'm rude, and I know it. And I beg your indulgence.

And I'm going to complain now.

I would appreciate all of you out there to please PLEASE please fervently pray that I make it to 39 weeks, at least. In what, I'm sure, God thought was a pretty neat trick, my due date is one week after my one year anniversary at my job. Yes, I know I have actually been at my place of employ for FOUR lovely years, but they only OFFICIALLY hired me eight months ago.

If I give birth one day before my anniversary, and/or I am somehow incapacitated so that I cannot work until my that day, I get nothing. I have to be present, working and still pregnant on my one-year anniversary to qualify for Parental Leave.

If I don't make it, I get nothing. NOTHING. Six to eight weeks of "liability leave" which pays $170 a week. Have I mentioned that I support my family? Have I mentioned how broke we are? If I don't qualify for Parental Leave, we're going to have to declare bankruptcy.


I chatted with the HR rep in charge of Parental Leave to get this info. There is no wiggle room. To quote the rep, "Nobody says we have to do anything except give your job back to you."

Good times.

So. Repeat after me: 39 weeks. 39 weeks.



My Reality said...

I don't see this as complaining about "p" - it is bitching about crappy circumstances. There is a big difference.

Here is to 39 weeks and one day!

Samantha said...

That's really complaining about "w" (work and not the president, although you could say that he hasn't exactly supported working parents, even while espousing family values).

39 weeks - you can do it!

Cathy said...

Well, first off, I believe it is ok to complain about the pregnancy sometimes. Because parts of it suck, and you're allowed to say "hey, I'm glad to be this way, but this DOES suck".

And second - I hope you make it to 39 weeks!

Delenn said...

Oh my. That is a real true complaint!!! I think its outrageous too. And I have no idea how they could end up being so cruel--so I hope for you to make it to 39 weeks!

And don't worry about complaining! Its okay--being pregnant is not supposed to be a walk in the park--and its the GOAL of having the child that everyone (IF and others) wants.

Elizabeth said...

good grief, what a freaking ridiculous policy!!!!!!!!

Dianne/Flutter said...

This is definitely not a complaint - but a serious prayer.

I'll be praying :).

Waiting Amy said...

My g-d Nica! That is terrible! How crappy of them. I'm so sorry this is surely adding stress to your life. I'm crossing everything that you easily make it to 39+ weeks (certainly doable in a singleton pg).

And as others said, this is NOT complaining. Plus, I've complained plenty already, and I'm not even close to 5 months! Hang in there!

Rebecca said...

Oh crap...that sucks! I will wish for 39 weeks and maybe an extra week. Maybe you can find a loophole, but that woman didn't make it sound very promising. Good luck and stay in there!!!

Bea said...

What a difference a day makes. I'm hoping you cross that magic anniversary line. A big "hang in there" to you and babe til then.


Heather said...

I tried to comment yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me load the comment page...I don't think that is complaining - it is more like venting about your job. It sucks that you have been there so long and they are being dicks about a few weeks.

You can totally make it to 39!!

noswimmers said...

I'm sending positive vibes to ya...hope you make it to the 39 weeks!

Familyof2 said...

I will pray every day for 39 weeks for you! I really hate HR though...they know they can bend the rules IF they want too...but from my experience more often than not they don't want too.

Good luck!

Katie said...

I agree with the other posters. This is just a crappy timing situation. My fingers are crossed and I am repeating after you - 39 weeks, 39 weeks, 39 weeks!

Dreamer4agift said...

It's okay, I wouldn't consider this complaining. And even if it was, it's your blog, about you, so it's okay. At any rate, I will be sending prayers your way to make it to 39 wks!