Monday, March 03, 2008

Walker Wars: Update

Still waiting. LOVELY. The Physical Therapist went on vacation while the issue was still pending. THAT'S DEDICATION!

And while she's allowed to go on vacation, well, it would have been nice if she would have NOT let it sit on her desk for two days before she left. Does that make sense? Am I being too harsh?

She actually had the NERVE to fight with me on the phone, and ask me (more than a few times) "Well, why haven't YOU bought it?"

Need a new daycare for Mama. Definitely. And some sleep and a vacation for ME.


Cathy said...

Can you take the issue to her boss while she's away?

Not that you should HAVE to, mind you. But would it get you somewhere faster maybe?

Not in the Water said... can buy the extra wheels for her walker. I know you are trying to save your own money but some PTs don't listen.

You can go to a medical supply place and for $25 or so you can get wheels to convert the back legs into wheeled ones...they also make ones with brakes so if she leans down on the walker it won't get away from her.

You can try even sammons and preston they are a catalog company (but $$$$).