Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Scan Went Fine

You may all proceed to call me a whiny baby.

They want me to come back in a month and get a new scan because

(1) "We do that sometimes"

(2) "You're as old as the hills."

So I will get to worry YET AGAIN.

But at least, today, for them moment... I am not so scared.


Cynthia said...

wooo-hooooo! And I was pretty damn old when I had my guys so I understand all the 'precautions' and such.....just enjoy this moment---things are going GREAT!

Samantha said...

Glad it went well - did they really say "old as the hills?" :)

Waiting Amy said...

Hey, just look at it as a chance to check out that cutie-pie again.

And I'm sure your not as old as the hills. I'm as old as the fields and prairie, how bout you?

Bea said...

Oh, you thought you'd be able to stop worrying? Yeah - might want to drop that thought.

I'm so glad all went well. Hope the next one's even better!