Monday, May 05, 2008

23 Days

Do we have our first L.amaz.e class last night.

And the instructor tells us that we will be going around the circle, telling a little bit about ourselves. (I always hate this part).

We're early in the circle; the couples go on and on. Happily, we're not the oldest (though we're up there). Almost everyone is a first-timer (who would go to L.amaz.e class twice?) And we're pretty vanilla -- all boy-girl boy-girl.

H leans over and tells me, "You should tell them about your job difficulties."

I think, no. And when it's my turn, I tell them about Mama. (Mama no longer greets me by name. She says hello and goodbye to SPUNKETTA, using his proper name, but me? I have been DEMOTED.).

The class gets a chuckle and we move on.

Then the last couple speaks.

She is a Human Resources Specialist in the parent company that owns the company division that I work at. That went bankrupt. Or translated, she will probably know if I have a job before I do. (He works elsewhere in the parent company).

DAMN I hate it when H is right (and I am WRONG). (I mean WHAT ARE THE ODDS?)

Still think that L.amaz.e class is not the place to "network." But. BUT. Will definitely be shooting to get our mat next to hers next time...

Wish us luck, eh?


Bea said...

Damn him for being right! Although, maybe I should say damn him if he's smug about it, but otherwise kudos. Good luck with the networking - hope it works out.


Samantha said...

Good luck - may it lead to job information!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Best of luck!