Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Halloween Horrors!

Today, approximately 7:30AM, my MIL comes running into the kitchen. "I'm supposed to wear a costume today! What am I going to dress up as?"

Her Alzheimers daycare usually has her dress up on Halloween. Halloween as in NEXT TUESDAY. As in NOT TODAY. As is OH DAMMIT I THOUGHT I HAD MORE TIME.

I poke my head into the living room, and ask my darling husband if he knows anything about this. "Oh, yeah," he confirms. "They called yesterday."

So it's 7:30 in the morning, she gets picked up at 8:15, and I've got to put together a costume.

How was your morning?

Long story short, she went as a football player. She put on one of my husbands football jerseys and chanted GO TEAM. Occasionally she even got the team name correct. My husband pitched in to get her ready, getting her excited about her costume.


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