Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lunch Lady!

My MIL made my lunch today. I have to say, it was very cute. Having Alzheimer's has not stopped that maternal "I must feed you" urge.

SO she made me PB&Js. Sort of. It took her five minutes to think of what to make. Watching (and hearing, as she was talking aloud) her go through the thought process to come up with what she was capable of making me was cute and touching.

The great trauma was that we ran out of jelly. She came running (as much as she can run) into the room crying I NEED MORE JELLY!!! NOW!!! Seems we had run out. My husband convinced her that a PB sandwich (sans jelly) would be just fine. Oh, the sight of her face at that. I want to be that happy on a daily basis.

The best part (and it was all good) was how she wrapped the sandwhiches. My husband told her to use the zip-lock bags, but she couldn't get the bread to fit in them. So she wrapped the sandwiches in plastic wrap, and THEN placed them in the zip-lock bags.

She was so proud. Definitely, a good morning...

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squarepeg said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It sounds like you have a LOT on your plate...I hope something turns around for you soon!