Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Begging and Crying

So I cried. Just a little, but I cried. No one saw me do it, but I cried. And trust me, I will be doing it more later.

And when I was done with the crying, I started thinking. I called H, I posted here. I started casting about for anyone I knew who was good at the HR Speak of the Manager Speak. (I didn't find anyone who'd fluent in that language).

Finally, I went to Boss of Job I Want (not Job I Have) and offered points that she could negotiate with. Another member of my division has a "part-time" deal where he works half here, half somewhere else. So he's available if they need him here. Maybe we can do that, I said. B of JIW said she'd ask.

I actually even mentioned that JIW works better for me as a caregiver. (It's true -- I'd be home to put Mama on the bus and home in time for dinner). I am not above emotional blackmail. (Okay, but seriously -- am I hopelessly tacky to do it?)

And not to be a complete b*tch, I ended the encounter on a funny note -- telling anecdotes of how Mama negotiated with my wedding vendors to get a lower price.

Please, God, please. The part-time thing would work for everyone. Please, please, please.

(I haven't been this down since my last failed cycle).

On to the crying


The Town Criers said...

Oh, sweetie. This situation just sucks. I hope it all works itself out somehow and they let you have the JYW.

TeamWinks said...

Hoping that things work out with the part time option. Keep your chin up.

Bea said...

Oh gosh - I'm just catching up on all these in a row. I can't help because I'm terrible with these things. But fingers crossed for you. Negotiating points sound good, and other people doing a similar thing. Hoping it all works out, and soon.