Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First and Foremost

Okay, here's the story:

I've been working at Job A for three and a half years. As a temp. They FINALLY say, "we'd love to hire you," and I say GREAT! and accept. The hiring process, they say, takes about two months. Along the way, I hear about Job B, and I apply, and I'm told that I got it. And Job B is for the same company, same division, but the next department over.

So I ran the assumption that Job B would talk to Job A and do whatever to transfer me over.

So yesterday, I had orientation and it's my official first day and all that, only it's for Job A, my "old" job.


Has anyone ever transferred departments? Anyone? It's been a week and a half since I was told I had the "new" job; when can I e-mail my "new" boss and ask, nicely, WHEN ARE YOU GETTING ME OUT OF HERE?


In the meantime, I haven't told anyone in my current department that I am looking to get out. Not even my boss. (Should I?)

I've never done this before, and am completely confused.

And what does it MEAN, I wonder, that Job A's "official" Day 1 was CD 1?

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TeamWinks said...

Hope that you get to easily transition to job B. I'm the wrong woman to ask this question to, so I'll let the others tackle it!