Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Couples fighting infertility might have more control than they think

US News and World Report


Allright, this is a cop out. More later...

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TeamWinks said...

While no dietary or lifestyle changes can assist some women in getting pregnant (um, say ones who have a birth defect such as I did), it probably can help some.

There were some points I rolled my eyes in this study, but there were others that made valid points. I thought the part that discussed the excessive exercising was good to know. I didn't know about the transfat, even though I don't consume them. (Yes, I am a label reader, and even go to restaurants' websites ahead of time to read their nutritional information.)

However, give me a break about the vacation baby crap. That has to work for only a very small percentage of women.

I don't doubt that the classes that teach relaxation techniques, counseling, and have support group involvement, would increase success.

Very interesting in deed.