Saturday, November 10, 2007

Husband vs Obstetrician

H does not like by OB.

Well, he likes her. As a person. But. He has serious concerns.

She only has office hours one day a week. If we have an emergency, how can we contact her? H asks. Where will she be? And if we try to contact her -- oh her PHONES. When I plan on calling the OB's office, I plan on spending a half an hour. AT LEAST. And I don't always get through. If there was an emergency... yeah, you know. Could we get through?

And the WAIT. I showed up ontime to the appointment -- fifteen minutes early. And waited an hour to be put into a room. And then the nurse took me for blood. Which made me wait for another hour. I have a 5:00PM appointment with my OB. I didn't lay eyes on her until 7:15PM.

There are other OB's in her office space, they don't share a practice with her. So if there was an emergency, there's no one who could back her up.

Finally, she has limited equipment. She has the wand-sonogram that we all so well. But the "other" sonogram, the one that goes on your tum tum? She doesn't have one of those. (Completely freaks H out). Am I wrong to expect my OB should have one? Has all the high tech toys from my RE hopelessly spoiled me?

So now, to get a sonogram, I have to make an appointment with a hospital an hour and a half from my house.

What do you think -- should I switch? Or am I spoiled?


Knock Me Up said...

I don't think you are spoiled and yeah, I'd probably switch. I don't think you should wait over 2 hours for an appt and you are right to wonder what the emergency procedures are. Have you asked the doctor or her office assistants what process should be followed?

Amanda said...

I'm with the Hubby on this one. My OB/Gyn has two machines that do both transvaginal and tummy ultrasounds. They also have one or two mobile machines for use in the regular exam rooms. There's a bit of a wait when I go in, but they'll "fit me in" whenever it's urgent.

Good Luck!

Kim said...

I think all of that is cause for concern *except* the not having the ultrasound machine. I'm amazed she even has the transvaginal ultrasound. Even my GYN oncologist has to send me out for ultrasounds, and this is a doctor at a very well respected cancer clinic at Beth Israel. So if that was the only thing, I'd say it's no big deal. The rest of it is, though.

Pam said...

If you or H. are the least bit concerned about being able to reach your OB quickly, then definitely look for someone else. It's more important that you and he are not stressed during this time and are comfortable and confident that you will get the care when you need it, not after an hour or two wait.

The Dunn Family said...

I think I would switch too. My ob's had an abdominal ultrasound machine. And there were a few docs in the practice so there was always someone on call. I think pregnancy is so scary to begin with, you should really feel comfortable with your doc. If I were you, I would shop around. You can try a few places, just make appts to meet with the docs. Or call the offices and talk to a nurse or office manager about some of your questions. Hope you quickly find what you are looking for!

lori said...

wow. i think i'd switch. the wait and the phone issues you've described are just uncalled for, and the not-having-a-backup-dr is just plain scary. i hope you can find a doc closer to home that can give you complete care and be available for you/have backup docs available for you!


Bea said...

It's strange not having an abdo ultrasound. I mean, I know those transducers aren't cheap, but she's bought the whole rest of the machine already, and as an OB, what does she use the transvag for? Does she do fertility work too?

But I do think you need to feel confident in the face of an emergency. If you can get reassurance from the clinic as to procedures, fine. Otherwise...

Thing is, it calms the panicked mind just to know you *can* call and be seen if necessary.


Familyof2 said...

If you or your hubby are uncomfortable for ANY reason then yes switch.

That is my vote!

hope548 said...

I think you've got to do what you've got to do to feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy!

SaraS-P said...

hmmm...sounds familiar.

it can be disconcerting to get a gander at typical ob care!

Allformybaby said...

I work in an OB/Gyn facility and the ultrasound thing doesn't raise my eyebrow as much as the no one to back her up on call!!! I think you need to bring a list of your concerns to her and if she doesn't answer them to your comfort zone or acts put out that you a questioning her methods, then swich. Your doctor must know that her 1 day a week in the office and no back-up call person is NOT the norm, so I am sure you are not the first person to ask these questions. Bottom line if you are not comfortable with her then go to someone that you are because this is one of the biggest deals in your life and your OB has a big part in that. I feel like my OB is a good friend. If I REALLY needed him and I didn't like what the person on call was saying I would completely call him AT HOME!!! He knows that I wouldn't abuse that I have his home # and that is why he gave it to me. Now there is trust for you....ask your doctor for her home phone # in case of an emergency. If she doesn't hesitate then all may be fine. Gut judgement is always a good one to follow!