Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scan Went Fine

I went to the Doctor's office yesterday, but didn't see the Doctor.

Okay, recap: I did switch to a "high risk" OB. More importantly (to me), she's also part of practice, which means if she's unavailable, someone is.

The new doctor's practice has a sonogra.m room, and that's where I had my appointment. My over-the-belly sonogram was administered by a nurse, so we asked about the brown stuff. Her opinion was that it was more leakage from the extra fetal sac (Scrappy). (Spunketta looked good, which was a big relief).

Being that I am 11.5 weeks, I had to HAD TO (I was told repeatedly) have a scan to look for D.ow.n's S.yndrom.e. So that was yesterday.

The nurse measured the neck, or tried to, but Spunketta was NOT complying. Thus, Nurse had to JAB the stick into my stomach. Hard. Repeatedly. Did I mention I had a full bladder during this?

I whimpered a bit, and the nurse apologized, explaining, "I need her to move!" (We don't really know if it's a girl yet.)

Initial tests (ie, neck measurement) looks good. Spunketta moved a bit (H swore that she waved to him) and the Nurse said we were right on track.

I see the actual doctor in a week.

So far, so good.


Elizabeth said...

Hurray for good news!

Familyof2 said...


Great news! I hope your mind is slightly more at ease!

Amanda said...

Yay for good news!!!

noswimmers said...

Exciting news!!

Samantha said...

Good news for Thanksgiving!

Waiting Amy said...

Great! Enjoy your Turkey Day!

Kristen said...

YAY! I'm so glad Spunketta is thriving. He/she sounds like a stubborn little one already ;)

Heather said...

I'm so glad for good news!!! And I totally agree with H, she was totally waving at him.

amy said...

So glad Spunketta is looking good. Enjoy your turkey day. Good luck with the stuffing.


Bea said...

Excellent news about Spunketta. Wow - 11.5wks. I hope you're starting to be able to breathe a bit more now. And I'm glad you have found an OB you're comfortable with.


My Reality said...

Great news, Nica!

Chili said...

Fantastic news!