Monday, November 12, 2007

Playing House

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but we live in a one-bedroom apartment.

Me, H and Mama. It's tight.

We took a corner of the living room and put walls up. And WHAMMO we've got a New York Style bedroom. Anywhere else on earth, you'd probably call it a CLOSET. (And you'd be right).

So, a few weeks back, when we were pregnant with twins, we looked around our not so large apartment and freaked. Where were we going to put everyone? Was there such a thing as bunk cribs?

H had a line on a house for sale -- reasonably priced, "handicap accessible" and a half mile away from where his very best friend in all the world lives.

So we called the Realtor.

This Friday, she called back. (Apparently, the real estate market must be doing much better to take so long to return a phone call).

H and I discussed it, and decided WHAT THE HECK and went to see it.

First, and in my opinion most important, it was not actually "handicap accessible." They did have an incredibly high ramp in lieu of stairs at the back entrance, but it's grade was far too steep to legally be considered "accessible." (Or, frankly, safe to walk down in winter). And while the bathroom had a "grab bar" installed... that's all it had. Even though the former resident of the house was in a wheelchair, the bathroom was not wheelchair accessible. And even though Mama (er, Nona) does not need a wheelchair accessible shower stall, she's pretty darned close.

Second, the place was tiny. And there was almost no yard. And it hadn't been renovated in 30 years. And the plumbing was old. And the wiring was old. And the floors were scarred. And the kitchen cabinets were deteriorating. And.

And as I began adding up in my head what it would cost to make this place livable, and where we were going to put what...

My suburban dream just died.

Just to add salt in the wound, we stopped by H's BFF's house on the way home. Large, luxurious laws. 3 bedrooms plus a full living room, dining room, playroom and office. Two car garage. Full laundry room.

I want to live there...

Anyway, currently the plan is to have Spunketta in our room for the first few months, and then move her out to her own corner of the living room after that. (My living room is fastly shrinking). We figure we can wait a year. Or two.

Have I mentioned that I am jealous of all y'all that have laundry rooms?


Maranda said...

Glad everyone's hanging in there and your post just reminded me not to gripe about us not getting the extra bedroom I wanted when we bought our house...

Waiting Amy said...

I'm sorry your dream got squelched. Its not easy to be in that tight spot that IF puts us in financially.

Keep hanging in!

Bea said...

I think your baby-in-bedroom plan is far superior to buying a house that's more trouble than it's worth. Hopefully next time you go looking you'll find what you're after.


Familyof2 said...

Ok I was impressed before...but now even more so that I know you only have a 1 bedroom apartment!

Spunketta won't care where she sleeps for at least 2 or 3 years, and I am sure you will find your dream home by then!

Perchancetodream said...

You never cease to amaze me with everything that you deal with and with such grace and humor.

I can't even imagine navigating the issues that you are. Maybe if we're able to move back to Midwest, like we want to, you can take over our apartment in Queens. Huge 2-bedroom and it's a steal. Keep in touch! (not kidding actually!!!)

lori said...

not to downplay the difficulty of living in a small space with 3 adults and soon a baby too, but spunketta will be very happy to share a room with her 'rents. what better than waking up to see mommy and daddy!

okay, i see that you are in NY, NY, but girl, where did you get that "all y'all"?! i live in texas (and love every minute of it), and i get made fun of for my "all y'all" and "fixin' to". it has to be a hell of a lot harder to pull those off in NY,NY :-)