Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things I Think About

Mama has decided that if (and at this stage, we're still saying IF) she ever becomes a grandmother, she would like to be called Nona. It's Italian; she's not Italian, but coming from Argentina, she was raised with a heavy Italian influence in the population. (We're planning n telling her after 12 weeks/first trimester, when everyone agrees the risk goes way, way d0wn).

Nona (as I will now try to call her) got married when she was 39. She got pregnant soon after, giving birth when she was 40. I will give birth when I am 41. (H will be 42). While there's a lovely symmetry in that, there's also the realization that in 40 years *I* might be the one with the little room in the corner while Spunketta and spouse take care of me.

Still on Mama/Nona -- a while back I mentioned that all my washclothes have disappeared. I don't know what she did with them, but I know she did something. This morning, I discover all of her socks have disappeared. All of them.

I buy her those bulk packs you get at C.ost.Co. Fifteen or 20 pairs of socks at a time. In all different colors (of course!) since Nona cannot STAND neutrals. Oh, except black. She'd dress as a goth if I'd let her. (Can you imagine? An 81-year-old goth chick?)

Anyway. Washclothes I can almost understand. Maybe you put them in your purse, your pocket, whatever.


What are the undiscovered other uses for socks?

So this weekend, I will spend money we do not have for things she wil not keep.

(I may even splurge and get myself a secret washcloth to hide away).


Familyof2 said...

Nona has a nice ring to it.

Socks huh...maybe she stuffs them in the wonder bra she bought? I don't know...just a suggestion...

Bea said...

I like the wonderbra stuffing suggestion... also because I've got nothing else.

It must be funny to look into the future from where you are now and see yourself mirrored. You are, of course, a different person living in a different age, so things are likely to be different in many ways.

I like "Nona". It sounds nice.


Delenn said...

Hmm...maybe she is making sock puppets (the washcloths could be their clothes/hair)?

All I know, is thinking about an 81 year old goth chick is SCARY. And very very funny.

Katie said...

Nona will be thrilled in a few weeks to know that she has new title.