Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday Was My Birthday

I awoke Friday morning discovered three things: I had EWCM, I was forty, and Mama had forgotten where the bathroom was (so she defecated in her bed).

Certain things made me happier than others...

H cleaned the bed and I cleaned Mama and then the bathroom, and praised God, Jesus and R.eckit.t B.enckise.r for L.yso.l Wipes. Love them.

We packed Mama on her bus to daycare and H called in late for work. Ahem.

A hell of a morning, even in the Sandwich household.

That night, H took me to a fancy vegan restaurant. It was great. I got to dress up (contacts and make up, even). We saw an actor I recognized coming out on his way in, and our table was between a super-hip Middle Eastern couple (she kept saying she wasn't responsible for the break-up of the marriage of the fellow she was sleeping with) and a lesbian couple on their first date (the one closest to H was so stressed she could barely eat).

I love to eavesdrop on other diners. I'm horrible that way. But we had a great time at dinner. An old married couple from the 'burbs (by Manhattan standards) having an exotic outing in Greenwich Village.

How was your weekend?


Bea said...

Happy birthday!

Well, happy-ish birthday, as it sounds.

You certainly eat very trendily on your birthday, that's for sure. I love eavesdropping, too.


Jules said...

A belated Happy Birthday.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year.

squarepeg said...

Happy birthday! I suppose no one gets a perfect birthday, but it sounds like on the whole it was a good day.

I am such an eavesdropper in restaurants too. It amazes my H that I can listen to other conversations while still talking to him - I think it's a special power women have...

Here's hoping this year is your BIG year, in a good way!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good one (as the day went on).

TeamWinks said...

Glad the whole day wasn't crappy! Ok, sorry, tring to make light. I am endlessly amazed by your strength. Happy Birthday!