Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Search For Insurance

So H has been trying to get this business thing off the ground. And I support him. Really. I just really want him to get a JOB right now.

Neither H nor I has what you'd call a REAL job right now. American businesses have figured out that, in many situations, it's cheaper for them to have 'contractors' or 'temps' work for them. (I'm in my third year of 'temping.')

The thing that makes it doubly frustrating is that I'm not a true freelancer. If I was, I could take a lot more stuff off of my taxes. No, I'm an employee of some rinky-dink temp agency. I haven't set foot in the place in two years, and they still get a piece of my paycheck.

Without offering insurance.

Now, my employers have been really supportive of me. When I want to take time off, when I need to switch around my schedule, when I need to disappear for two hours to take care of Mama, they cope. And there's the fact that they are dangling the "hey we MIGHT hire you" carrot in front of me.

So H has decided if anyone is getting a new job, it's him. Not that he wants a job. He wants a business. But if he gets a business, he's not going to be able to insure himself. Or me. We can't get an insurance policy that covers IF, even if we do get it through a business.

We've been fighting about it, these past few weeks. Whose dreams come first? Mine? His? Ours?

In the end, I won. The ticking biological time bomb cannot be ignored.

Never easy, this

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Bea said...

Compromises. It's sounds like you're making the most practical one, but it's never "ideal" is it?

Good luck with the hunt.