Thursday, January 11, 2007

Husband Says: Let's Go To The Maternity Ward!

Wife answers:
Are you freakin' crazy?

Husband replies:
It'll be good. Baby vibes. They're good for you.

Wife says:
Are you freakin' crazy?

Husband says:
She's a really nice co-worker, and I'd love for all of us (her, me, my husband and her husband) to become friends.

Wife says:
We'll go Friday.
But you're freakin' crazy.

What do you think? H thinks it's a GOOD idea to go visit his co-worker in the hospital. Now, I am (trying) to be Little Ms. Positive, (see any damn previous post) but I'm thinking that for me to visit a maternity ward... well, I'm thinking we'd be better served visiting the psych ward.

Hey, it's one thing if I knew her... But I don't. H hasn't even mentioned her (I don't even know her name). And to meet her there, in the hospital...

What you think?


Heather said...


Just wow.

There are no words.

Oh wait, here's one:

serenity said...


Still, babies are precious. Especially in the maternity ward.

I personally would go. Because babies are so damn cute.

And maybe it would give me hope.

Bea said...

It's a bit weird given you don't really know her. I'm not sure I would have visited under those circumstances, you know, BEFORE. But social dynamics can be tricky like that - there's always a lot of subtleties and grey areas etc, so it's hard to tell what you *should* do.

I can't imagine he's thinking of a long visit, though. Is he?


TeamWinks said...

I would go, and think of the fact that one out of five of those gorgeous babies are the product of ART. Keep that in mind, put it in your pocket, and it just might help a little.

aah0424 said...

Sounds like something my husband would do. I don't have a problem with visiting the maternity ward, but this situation would be too weird for me considering you don't know her. Not to mention that a lot of ladies I know didn't like all the visitors they got in the hospital. If it were me I would wait until they've been home a few days or weeks and then call them to schedule a visit.

I know you posted this a few days ago so I look forward to hearing what happened