Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Morning

The people upstairs were yelling, thumping (moving furniture?), playing music and laughing (?) this morning. So much so that they woke me at 4:30AM in the morning.

Good morning.

They continued until shortly after 6:00AM, which is usually when my alarm goes off and I start rousing the household.

I'm a wee bit tired.

I got Mama up this morning, as usual. She showers first, then me. I usually wait until she starts to dress to start my ablutions, and when I'm very lucky, H is awake and keeps her chatting (and focused) throughout the process.

Today I was not lucky.

Mama wandered in to the bathroom while I was showering.


"Yes, Mama?" I reply, sticking my head through the curtain.

She looks at me, having lost her thought (this is common). "I didn't know you were here." She looks a bit closer. "You're naked!"

Um, well, one usually is while showering...

She looked lost a moment longer. Then gestured to the toilet. "Do you mind if I keep you company?" She sat and chatted through the curtain until I finished.

Calling encouragements and HELPFUL suggestions along the way. ("Don't forget to clean you culo! It gets stinky!")

I miss privacy...


Familyof2 said...

This is just prep for you little guy or won't shower alone or pee for that matter in oh forever :)

*Miss you on my blog, stop by if you get a chance!

Samantha said...

Never a dull moment! Your neighbors and my neighbors should get together sometime--I've had some late night noise from them--don't they ever sleep?

Katie said...

Your posts always make me smile! Life is never boring for you! I'm also late in offering my congratulations on a great appointment and a cookie!

hope548 said...

Glad your appt went well.

Your posts about mama are so entertaining, though I imagine in reality, it's not so funny.

Happy holidays!

Bea said...

It's true - your life certainly doesn't seem boring! Glad the appointment went well, and wow - Big Scan in only a few weeks!

Laughed at your hub's antics in the room there.


Cynthia said...

for some reason the phrase "don't forget to clean your culo---it gets stinky" has gotten stuck in my head. When I'm trying to decide if I have time for a shower...when I'm in the shower....I just think "don't forget....." LOL