Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have to pat Mama down in the morning now. Pat down, as in frisk, as in check for weapons.

Yeah. Mama's packing heat again.

See, she's taking apples to school. And she doesn't like to eat apples with a peel, so she takes a knife to peel the apple. A big, huge, sharp knife. (She favors our boning knife).

As I've mentioned before, Mama's daycare does not like when she brings in weapons. NOT AT ALL. The administrator called us, panicked, last night. Luckily, unlike last time, the knife was discovered while Mama was sitting quietly peeling her apple.

So. Now we search her in the morning. An incredibly tricky measure, to do so without offending her. Or tickling her.

In other news, I have a doctor's appointment today. I am, of course, terrified. My terrific OB thought that I was in good enough shape to go four weeks between appointments. If I had my druthers, I'd probably have daily check ups. But.

There's nothing that I can point to that makes me scared -- no terrible pain or horrible discharge that gives me fear. But I am plagued by the thought that I am not this lucky, I am not this blessed, I am not going to get what I want, and any minute now the bubble will burst.

So. We'll see how the day goes.


Cynthia said...

hope the appointment goes well....I'll have my fingers crossed....

Bea said...

Good luck today.


Familyof2 said...

Good luck and thanks for the update!!!

A said...

I can't wait to hear a wonderful report after your appointment. I have faith and hope for you.

Ironically, I was thinking of you this morning. I'm glad you updated so I didn't have to hunt you down and make sure you were OK.

MissHum22 said...

That feeling is really normal - especially for what you've been through. I had a miscarriage between my 1st & 2nd and I tell you - I was way more paranoid with #2 (and because I had a cold or virus every month of that pregnancy, thanks to the toddler). Not only that, but there is almost too much information swirling about out there in regards to all the possible things that could go wrong no matter how slim the chances. I know saying 'don't worry' isn't going to make you go, "Gee. I hadn't thought of that. I feel so much better now." So I will say this: you are not alone in your fears. Every mother has them to varying degrees, especially in this fear-mongering time. Just keep in mind that it is fear, not a premonition of what is to come, & don't let it overtake you. Good Luck!

Samantha said...

Fingers crossed for the appointment!