Sunday, December 02, 2007

Telling Mama: The Update

So we told Mama (or Nona, as she will eventually be called.) And she took the news extremely well.

And she is still happy and excited and over the moon at the prospect of a new member of the family.


Mama no longer has a sense of time passing. If she takes a nap in the day, or if she just hasn't thought about something in a while, or if she just wants something to happen... she'll speed up time.

So we told Mama about a week or two we were pregnant, right?

"Is he kicking? Is he kicking? I want to feel him kick!" says Mama. Okay, I'm due in 6.5 months... kicking starts when? Closer to the end, right? So nooooooooo there is no kicking.

"I WANT TO FEEL HIM KICK." Logic is lost on her.

Another frequent conversation is that she's like the baby for Christmas. By Christmas. So he can enjoy the tree and decorations et al.

"Um, Mama, I'm not having the baby until June..."

"HURRY UP! I want my baby by Christmas."

"Mama, you'll have t talk to GOD because I don't know how to HURRY this UP..."

Every time, I break it down and explain. And she nods as if she understands, and I think she may for a bit. But I always ALWAYS get the question again.

Also, Mama has started to refer to my baby as HER baby.

"Mama, this baby is mine.."

"I know. But you give him to me, yes?"


And she laughs. "You will give him to me when he needs a new diaper."

This is going to be an adventure.


Familyof2 said...

I continue to enjoy the stories of Nona AKA Momma...just are NOT allowed to drink while pregnant...even if she drives you there :)

Heather said...

What about a visual? A huge calendar showing the days until the baby is due - maybe made out of poster board with just the number of days left and she can X one out each night/morning? Just a thought.

Katie said...

Do you believe in the placebo effect of nonalcoholic drinks? 'Cause it sounds like you might need one! At least she is excited, although I can imagine it gets kind of annoying.

I love Nona/Momma stories!

Bea said...

Mr Bea says you're an angel, with the patience of a Saint. I do hope Mama/Nona settles down into a longer timeframe. I'm not sure how likely that is to happen.


Samantha said...

Are we there yet? :)

noswimmers said...

From our end, Nona sounds hilarious...but I'm sure it gets irritating! Hang in there. :)

SaraS-P said...

I always get transported back to my days of working with dementia patients when I read the Momma stories! I learned never to announce an upcoming visit or holiday too early, because then I would constantly be asked about it!

I am sure dealing with Nona is good prep for dealing with the futures inquiries of little ones ("Are we there yet?" or "Is it Christmas yet?").