Monday, August 20, 2007

But at Least I Have Great Nails

Nothing of any importance... It's just that I've been noticing lately how GOOD my nails have been looking. Normally, I have brittle, peeling nails. But this last month, while I've been on all sorts of vitamins and some muddy thing my accupuncturist recommended, my nails have come is, and come in niiiiiiiiiice.

I'm not vain (much). I almost never get a manicure (anymore). And it means almost nothing.

But it's nice to look down and seem them in all their slightly-long unbroken glory.

Because if I like to think that my nails are indicative of some better health for me...

(here's hoping)


Bea said...

I think that's very indicative. You're so healthy... what could stop you? See, you can't think of anything either. AT ALL.


SULLY said... pictures? Go get em' painted and sculpted...and of course know I am jealous because without nails laugh at me :)

Reproductive Jeans said...

Little things like this mater...a lot! Glad you have purty nails to look at!=)

Anns said...

I agree, good nails are a good sign. Enjoy them, paint them and make them even more gorgeous!

Anns xo