Monday, August 13, 2007


Because I am going to cycle next month, I have put myself on as strict as a m.acrobioti.c diet as I can muster.

I am insane.

If you read The In.fertility (as I did) and was frustrated by her scanty dietary information. I'm supposed to eat seaweed, fine. Can I have a recipe?

My husband read it (those parts, at least) and made the pronouncement: It's m.acrobioti.c. (or at least, it incorporates some elements).

Um. Okay. (I grew up on fast food. I know nothing of nutrition).

So for the next two months, I will live without sugar, coffee, chocolate, baked goods and all sorts of other deliciousness.

I've got to do something to grow more than 4 follies.



My Reality said...

You are a brave, brave woman. No chocolate - could not do it.

Have you considered DHEA? It is supposed to help with us poor responders.

squarepeg said...

My reality took the words out of my mouth... very, VERY brave woman. I am in awe of your plan...

SULLY said...

Yikes. I think I would rather shove bamboo under my finger nails than give up sugar!

Are you allowed any kind of sushi? California Rolls have seaweed in em :) Thats as close to a macrobiotic diet as you will find me :)

Bea said...

That sounds pretty heavy-duty. Cheering you on. Hey - are there any tickers available for "days without chocolate"? Or would that just serve as a too-painful reminder...?