Friday, August 03, 2007

What Does It Mean?

So I mentioned, about a month ago I had the appointment with the Endo to talk about my hypothroid.

For the most past, it was the most benign doctors appointment I had ever had. There were no forms to fill out; he took a long oral history in his office. He did a generic, general physical. The only wacky bit was that he wrapped his fingers around my throat and said SWALLOW. (It was hard to do so).

"There's something wrong here," he said, feeling up my neck.

Um. WHAT? Probably nothing, he assured me.

I wait a week (per his instruction) and take the blood test. I wait a week (to be polite) and call for results. And then start calling every other day to (politely) inquire WHAT NOW.

Yesterday, he called back. While I was NOT ONLY at work but at the worst possible time.

I have Hashimoto's disease.

"It sounds scary," says the Endo, "but it really isn't." He's going to increase my synthroid, and in six weeks, he wants me to take another blood test and see where we are.

Um. Fine.

"Now where are you with IVF?" asks the Endo. WELL, I've been waiting for this to all shake out. Before I go forward.

"Well, don't wait on my account," he chuckles. Go ahead. I don't think it will impact anything.

Now, mind you, my TSH levels, which have never been better than 3.5, are currently at 3.0. I guess they're optimally at 2.0 or lower, by my new RE says she'll take anything below 2.5.

Which I'm NOT.

Which I point out.

"Yes, well, but it won't really impact anything."

So why am I talking to you? Why did my RE send me to you?



SULLY said...

My RE and Endo ALWAYS disagree on #'s. My A1C for example...RE wants 5 (non insulin resistant/non diabetic) Endo wants below 7 (above 7 diabetes/insulin resist not in control). Me, I am a 6.6 GO figure...

Good luck figuring it all out!!!

squarepeg said...

My RE is the same way - OBSESSED with my TSH levels. Right now they are at 3 also (on 50mcg synthroid), down from 4.5 (unmedicated), but up from the less than 1 when I first started meds. I think for YOUR health, less than 4 is just fine. The concern with elevated TSH is during early pregnancy - the fetus doesn't make it's own thyroid hormone until the second trimester, so if your thyroid function is low, it could be dangerous to the fetus. BUT, it should not in itself impact the IVF.

The good news is that your RE and Endo WILL monitor your levels, and watch them like a hawk when you DO get that + beta. Hopefully the increased synthroid will do the trick!

GL :)

Heather said...

Not knowing is the worst.

Hope you get some answers soon and they sort everything out.

Bea said...

Oh, good grief. How stressful not knowing where you stand on things. I hate it when doctors disagree. Bloody grey areas in medicine. Hope you get some clarification soon.


SaraS-P said...

I would be going crazy getting a diagnosis and then told not to worry about it! I hope you manage to get some decent info!