Thursday, October 11, 2007

Achy, Bloaty, Tired and Stupid

I hurt. I'm tired. I'm cold. And aliens are eating my brain.

In other words, according to my husband, everything is going well.

But mostly, I am still so very, very scared.

That's perfectly natural, says my husband.

I have to wait a week for the scan. A week. I could have gone in any time after tomorrow. Well, anytime on a weekday. So I could have made the appointment on Monday! A mere... (hang on, math is hard) FOUR days from now! As opposed to SEVEN!


I know. I am a big whiny wimp. But I hurt (my back kills me, especially at night). And I'm tired. (I'm asleep by 9:30PM, no question). And I'm cold (all the freaking time). And aliens are eating my brain. (I am so finding it hard to function. I'm absent-minded, forgetful, and some other symptoms I probably can't remember. Seriously, I am probably going to have to tell my boss next week, as my current medical conditition is impacting my job performance.)

Assuming all goes well next Thursday.

H does not join me in my second-guessing about scheduling the appointment earlier. In fact, he thinks the delay is a good thing. "Further away, further developed," he says. LIKE HE KNOWS.

I keep wondering what the Doc will be looking for. Just a sac? Or a fetal pole? And what does a fetal pole look like? Is it like a stripper pole? I keep imagining a baby hanging on a metal pole by his ankles. Is that wrong?

Have I mentioned aliens are eating my brain?

H keeps mentioning how "loopy" I am. "And getting crazier by the day," he adds. He also mentions that he thinks "the girls" are getting bigger every day. (He likes that part).

Me, I'm just scared. Nver been this far, and keep wondering: how far do I get to go?


My Reality said...

It all sounds like good news to me. The achy, bloaty, tired and stupid rank as great signs in pregnancy!

Bea said...

Ok. You'll have to double-check me with regards gestational age (what will your exact dates be next Thurs?) but I'm pretty sure he'll be looking for number of gestational sacs, the gestational sac in the right place (which sounds like a check from your beta levels) and measuring approximately the right size, the foetal pole which will be a hazy white thing within the dark sac, and a little heartbeat which will be a little twinkling thing at this stage.

One week is approximately forever away. I don't know how feasable it is for you to slip in a repeat beta to make the time pass a little more reassuringly (or if you even want another one) but ultimately it's pretty much going to drag either way. Time for distraction techniques, since there's nothing you can do.


LJ said...

I'm still so excited for you - even if you're full of crazy right now. It's okay - you're gonna be a mom. I think it comes with the territory.

Samantha said...

I like the idea of the stripper pole, although Bea's more medical description is probably what you'll want to see. I wish the time would go more quickly for you, but it sounds like you're on the right track!

hope548 said...

I hope as you get further along you'll be able to relax and enjoy!

Love the stripper pole image too! You certainly haven't lost your sense of humor!

Von said...

You, my dear, sound pregnant to me............
My brain has turned to mush. Can't remember a thing and am so distracted and lacking in focus that I haven't been able to work.
As for the girls, oooucccccchhhhhhh. They hurt.
Take it one day at a time and try not to stress. Easier said than done, I know. But try.
I am sure all is well...............

Hope said...

I am so with you. I go for my first scan on the 22nd. I am glad you asked what they look for, I wonder this as well. I am nervous as heck about the scan too! Love the stripper pole image! All the best.