Sunday, November 05, 2006

I love my husband (Do we let spouses read these?)

My husband and I have been doing a lot of talking. Mostly about what we are going to do next. Do we adopt? Do we try again? Do we hide in bed under our covers? (I was fond of that one last week).

Initially, Hubby was dead set against adoption. I don't know why. We've talked about it, and all he can say is that "adoption seems like giving up." We're talking about it, though. His grandparents (my MIL's parents) had wanted a bigger family than God granted, and adopted a boy and a girl. That... didn't turn out so well. My MIL's parents treated the adopted kids like second class citizens. I don't know if that's coloring his judgment.

Hubby found some sort of state program that promises to help pay for IVF if certain criteria are met. As we're poor and uninsured, I think we might qualify. He hasn't told me all the magical details; we're meeting with someone of the 17th to get all the details. He's so excited; he seems to thing that we can get an IVF cycle for 5 grand or less. If this turns out to be true I will so post all info with links attached.

I have to say; to see him pick up the banner like that... Its what has pulled me back from giving up. That he is working with me on this... that he is not angry, not hopeless, still confident and still going... Keeps me going.

Yesterday, Hubby is talking on the phone with his best friend. I was cleaning the kitchen, and heard snippets of conversation. First it was football (Giants are looking good this year) then it was jobs (best friend is thinking of switching) and then it was fertility. To hear my husband start to explain assisted hatching and EEC like he was one of you bloggers is both heartwarming and surreal.

Still don't know if it's true, but I found this:
New York State Grant for IVF

Now I know. There is a New York State Grant for IVF but I don't qualify. You need to only have a certain amount of drugs and I need the MAXIMUM amount. SO they're not going to cover me, not even a little bit. Hope this helps someone else...

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