Monday, November 27, 2006

My Vow (to myself)

My boss informed me that I am "on the list" to be hired. (Hmm, so probably not the best idea to be blogging at work?). I nosed around as much as possible and found that there's a chance that I could get "hired" in December. I have been working here for three years, and now I might get "hired." Go figure.

Now, because I live in the State of New York, any employer with more than 40 employees (and my company counts) has to provide health insurance, and the health insurance has to cover infertility (until I am 44 years old. Which is far too close for comfort).

I have tried to find health insurance on my own. The cheapest was $600 a month and the most expensive was $1,100. Both were varying shades of wretched, and neither covered IF. (Hey. Let's face it. Neither covered optical, dental or chiropractic, either). So to hear I might be WEEKS away from being covered makes me adoa little happy dance.

But this is my vow: If I do not have Health Insurance by New Year's Eve, I'm going looking for a job that has one.


The Town Criers said...

Good for you! I hope they hire you here, but if not, plow ahead.

Thank you for the comment and the love today :-) I added you to the blogroll since I just found your blog. Hey--any chance you want to do a write up about MIS for Operation Heads Up? Pretty please?

Nica said...

Um. Srre. As soon as I know more myself and can figure out how to contact you directly.