Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thesauri Are Our Friends

I abhor, abominate, anathematize, can't stand, condemn, contemn, curse, deprecate, deride, despise, detest, disapprove of, disdain, disfavor, dislike, disparage, execrate, loathe, object to, recoil from, scorn, shudder at, shun, spit upon and spurn the V.isitin.g N.urs.e S.ervic.e. (If I have left any verbs out, please let me know).

These are the folks who are supposed to be supplying a Home Health Aide for my MIL. But they don't. Because, they say, they lost the paperwork. (Heard of a COMPUTER?)

I am very frustrated with them... Mostly because they are not responsive, nor responsible, nor dependable. Customer service is optional, it seems.

So, for the past week and a half, Husband and I have had to juggle lunches and appointments and beg neighbors and friends to help. And it hasn't gone well. H's boss said that while they sympathize with our situation, if he can't continue to be at work whenhe is supposed to be at work they will have to let him go. My boss said the same thing. And V.isitin.g N.urs.e refuses to return a phone call...

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