Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Waiting on the Telephone

Today, my husband called me up all excited: The results from my Day 2 test were NORMAL. I didn't see what was so fabulous to be excited about, but I've had more of these than he has.

We've got a new deal, my husband and I. Now he takes (and makes) all phone calls to the RE. I say it's because I have NO PRIVACY at my job, and that I am ALWAYS on the phone at my job (I'm basically a dispatcher, in an office setting, of office work.) I say it's that I'm sick of coping with crappy news in the middle of work. And while these are factors, they are not the complete truth.

The truth is this: the universe likes my husband better than me. Really. He gets good news, I get bad. Consistenly, religiously, ridiculously. He calls the charge card companies, they lower rates, extend credit lines, and send him complimentary gifts. Me, they scold to be more prompt with payment. The list goes on. God loves H. Me, the almighty is a little cranky with.

So H. will be taking all calls, most especially from the RE, and extra super-duper especially the one about my MIS result. I am completely freaking aobut the result of this MIS test. I've done more research and it appears to be everything it was sold to be: the test will say how good of a candidate I am for IVF. It will predict my personal and specific possible percentages of success.

No pressure, eh?

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