Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Christmas is next week. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? Lord, I am not ready.

Went to the RE's today to have some sort of smear that I don't really understand. Not the PAP, but a c.hlamydi.a. I guess that they want to rule it out as a cause of IF. Which I just think is FUNNY because this is my third RE and the first to think of it.

I'm a little cranky today.

I've mentioned before that we don't have insurance. Because of that, we've been paying everything out of pocket. I cashed in my 401(k)s and we had an IVF cycle. And now we are broke. BROKE. Checking account overdrawn BROKE.

And Christmas is when?
Insert platitude here. We'll get by. Things will get better.
And a Merry Christmas everyone...
The thing that is extra frustrating is that I can't talk to many about it. Not in real life. Mentioning that you're penury makes people a wee bit uncomfortable. And it's a little embarrassing for us, as well. And knowing that we have no safety net... well, that just adds to the fun.

My father said that he would mail us some money. It's like I'm 19 again, living on my own for the first time. Sheesh.


Heather said...

It is sucktastic. We do have insurance but they don't cover IF stuff so we are out of pocket too. People don't realize how expensive this stuff is - and if they do, then they think we are crazy because they see this as a "choice". But it isn't, I want to have children and I can't just turn that off.

I hope you have a good Christmas.

Bea said...

So... homemade gifts this year? (I won't start the platitudes because you seem to have that down pat.)

Hope your smear result comes back all ok. And much as you hate being nineteen again (and I feel the same way about accepting money) you *are* giving back at the other end by caring for your MIL, so I think, karmically speaking, you're still the same age you always were. (You see, I can squeeze in some platitudinous stuff after all.)


Nica said...

Sadly, we have a tradition of homemade gifts (granola, spice rubs, bath salts) and we don't even have enough for that... AH, the pleasures of paying for IVF out of pocket.