Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Infertility Shower

So Teamwinks put a post a few days ago, To Shower or Not To Shower. And as I read it, (and added my comment), I was struck by one sentence.

You see, a “normal” woman has a baby shower.

And I thought, I want an infertility shower.

I have been to more than my share of baby showers. (My traditional gifts are D.ref.t and B.oppie.s, which you cannot have too much of). I have been to baby showers of friends, co-workers, relatives and neighbors.

My turn. I want an infertility shower.

I want friends and acquaintances to gather around me and tell me, as they tell the new mother at the traditional baby shower, that it's okay. At the traditional baby shower, the guests tell the new mommy that she is going to be okay. That she has the love and support of all who are assembled.

I want that. Screw the quietness around the topic and no one asking for updates. I want a celebration of where I am (bleak as it is) and where I want to be. Where I am going. Where I am going to get to.

And, of course, I want cake. Hope, cake and presents.


Cibele said...

Hi, I am new here and just found your blog today. I loved your post! very clever!! I want my IF shower too... I have spent lots and lots of money and wasted lots and lots of my time in so many baby showers (I hope to have one some day) but for now I need my family and friends to "shower" me with love and support, to tell me that is going to be Okay, that I can count with them, that I have a shoulder do cry on...
Please don't forget to send me an invitation if you have one...Nice meeting you

The Town Criers said...

I think this is a fantastic idea. You think relaxing will actually help? Then give her some relaxation. Get her a massage. Get her a pedicure. Have her friends gather around her and tell her that she's supported and loved.

I'd come to your shower. Hell, I'd throw you one too.

TeamWinks said...

I say go for it! Sometimes I wish that we infertiles could all get together and have a day where we can laugh and share stories about hot flahes and hormones! Of course we would have tons and tons of cake!

Bea said...

That's a good comment on relaxing. I think I might make "buy me a bloody massage then!" my response to anyone who tells me to relax. (Actually, not many people have worded it in quite that way, thank goodness.)

Plus, anyone who decides to have a shower for every. freaking. baby. is going to be expected to come around to my IF shower every. freaking. cycle. I think that's only fair.

And of course, traditionally one purpose of the shower was to collect much-needed stuff for the upcoming baby, and which IF doesn't need another vial of gonal-F?