Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Today was a busy day. I took Mama to the doctors, beciuase her M11Q had expired. Her doctor had filled one out previously, but V.isitin.g N.urs.e S.ervic.e of N.e.w Y.or.k took over 30 days to process her request, and then realized they couldn't help us. (Mind you: they advertise that they will have a Home Health Aide out the next business day. Not over a damn month).

Now, if I haven't mentioned, Mama goes to Alzheimer's daycare everyday. And today also was the day of their Christmas party. And so after the doctor, I had to drive to this restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and wait with Mama for her daycare people to get there.

Now, let me mentione, I hate to drive. HATE to. It scares me. I live in New York City, darnit, I do *not* drive everyday. So a big day of driving to the 'burbs (where Mama's doctor is -- we go to a specialist) and then to some large party restaurant -- terrifying.

I set out with three sets of directions and two numbers of people who could help guide me. AND I DIDN'T GET LOST. Okay, I didn't get a lot lost. Yay me!

So I drop her off at the restaurant, help the aides get everyine settled and then Mama turns on me. She's been begging for weeks for H and I to come to this party. And she was sooo excited when I said that I would go with her. But when I was there, she was NASTY. I don't know if she was somehow embarrassed of me, or if putting me down make her look cool in front of her friends, but she was mean.

Then, I drive back home, park the car, and arrive to work by subway 4 hours late.

How was your morning?

I have to say -- my almost employers (after three years, I am still a "temp") have been very supportive and flexible with me regarding my odd schedule needs. But I am still looking for a job WITH BENEFITS come the first of the year.

So now, I AM STILL AT WORK since someone called out sick and I was late.

And I am so tired.


Bea said...

What a day! Glad your boss understands... just as well I suppose. Hope tomorrow is more relaxing.


Nica said...

I have to tell you, Bea, you (and your posts about helping) did inspire me.

I helped out at the holiday dinner. Even though it meant being even later to work (and I get paid by the hour) and even though they make me a little nervous (it is so easy to say or do the wrong thing with someone with dementia).

I helped the other Alzheimer's folks to their seats, chatting with them about whatever, pointing out the lovely decorations and responding to whatever came out of their mouths. I know enough about people with advanced dementia to be a little wary, and occasionally flat-out scared. You have no idea what will trigger them to be dissociative, or more dissociative, or what will bring them back. I have tried to chat with some of her "school mates" only to be called different by a different name and screamed at.

But still, I thought of you and your post and realized you were right. And while it's not so much of a good deed, it's a start. Like a junior good deed.

So, thank you.