Saturday, September 15, 2007

9 or 14

...depending on who you ask.

When I was being wheeled out of the OR, I was told 9. When I was getting my departing instructions, I was told 14.

So I'm COMPLETELY confused.

As you all probably know, we're to get the call today to tell us how many halved and quartered and what have you.


I was late taking my Medr0l, which I'm taking in case they have to do assisted hatching. (Do you think this matters?)

I come back Monday for a 3-day and Wednesday for a 5-day transfer, said the nurse. I laughed at her. LAUGHED. Do I really think I have a shot at a 5-day transfer? NO. (She looked offended when I laughed, so I apologized and said. "I'm 40 years old. 5-day transfer? C'mon....")

I have to say, by the way, that while in the past I have not been in love with the big infertility factory that is my current RE clinic, they were AWESOME when it came to retrieval. (For me, at least).

They forgot to call H. So I was done with the procedure, done with my 45 minute wait time and done with my instructions and they STILL hadn't called him to, ah, PRODUCE. H was greatly peeved and demanded to see our doctor and be assured that there was not going to be a problem with the additional delay. (He did and he was).

So now we get to wait. again.


Knock Me Up said...

9 or 14 -- well that is a bit of a discrepancy isn't it! We'll hope that when you get the call today it will be 14 and the clinic will say you had a high percent fert rate. That's what I'll be hoping for you!!

Did you do ICSI?

I hope you feel okay. Will be waiting to hear with you.

Mrs. Piggy said...

Either way i hope its 9 or 14 great quality eggs! Keep up posted with your embryo stats!

Anonymous said...

9 is great, 14 is even better. Either way, your ovaries did great.

Samantha said...

9 or 14 is still a great number of eggs. I hope that you get some great embryos!

Bea said...

O...k... Fourteen total, nine mature? In any case, the number of embryos is probably more important. Hope you feel well and that you get great results with the next bit.