Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Forgot and Forgetting

As I blogged earlier, I forgot my acupuncture appointment this weekend (the only one I could manage without taking off work. The bad part of having an acupuncturist at home, not work).

Yesterday, I forgot to take my morning pills. (Including my synthr0id).

This morning, I forgot my intention my POAS. (Which, frankly, made my husband very happy. He still thinks it's too early).

What is UP with me?


Samantha said...

Must be the progesterone.

Bea said...

Yes. Blame the progesterone. That's the official cover-all excuse of the 2ww. (Or did you forget?)


LJ said...

I agree. Even my always complimentary mom says that progesterone makes me stupid.

Chili said...

Totally the progesterone!