Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pineapple and Progesterone

So. I show up early. As in, 40 minutes early. H was late. As in, 20 minutes late.

That was a fun hour.

I hid (yes, HID) in deli while I listened to funny podcasts and sipped from my ginormous bottle of water.

We were taken to the back room right away. The nurse showed me to a changing room where I was to take off all my clothes and change into a gown. H tried to go in and "help" me. MY how the nurse objected to THAT. (It was funny, really).

They waited until we were gowned up and on the table. THEN they wanted to talk about embryos.

Turns out that SEVEN eggs fertilized. But one had some serious issues, so they tossed it (without asking!). Of the remaining six, two were okay, two were "eh" and two they said were "slow."

They wanted me to put back four. So much so that they'd gone ahead and AH'd them (even the so-so ones). They expected me to dispose the final two.

But I couldn't. So I transferred all six.

I'll be honest -- they were surprised. But when I asked them if I had a chance for multiples, they said no. The doctor said, bluntly, she thought I'd be lucky to get a singleton.

So yeah. Six.

I came home and did my progesterone. And ate pineapple.

And now I wait.


SULLY said...

Oh Kami, this is exciting! You know, doctors have been known to be WRONG...so when you end up with Sextuplets, call me because I will come help hold and feed em' with you!

Keeping you in my thoughts!

squarepeg said...

God I was stalking your blog all day for this update! GO YOU for transferring all six. I know that feeling - though I only transferred 5 it was because that's all there was... six even so so embryos gives you EXCELLENT prospects, so keep eating pinapple and resting up :)

deanna said...

Freaking cynics......I, too, hope those downer doctors turn out to be really, really wrong. I think it was a smart move to transfer all six. It's a lovely, hopeful number with plenty of potential.

Wishing and hoping lots for you!!

Pam said...

Good luck with everything Nica.

My Reality said...

I hope the wait isn't too dreadful.

Bea said...

Six sounds like an awful lot! But if two were going to be discarded anyway, it sounds like a lot less. I wouldn't have wanted to discard them either. Here's hoping for that healthy singleton - that's always the aim of an IVF anyway, right?


Knock Me Up said...

I would have done exactly the same thing. Good for you! I'll be hoping like crazy that you get a lovely amazing pg out of this.

Cathy said...

I had pretty much that exact breakdown of embryos - 2 borderline-ok, 2 eh, and 2 slows (and 3 that were discarded from serious issues) ... we put in the best 2, and they both took. Apparently some embryos just don't like petri dishes!

Good luck!

gold star said...

hey there. i echo others - good decision on putting them all in.

i think it's bizarre that clinics dump your embryos without asking. ours tossed all 11 of ours over the weekend. We had to call approximately 5 hundred times to find out how they were doing on Monday, only to learn they were all gone. Something isn't right about that.

Good luck to you!

LJ said...

Wow, what a day!

Good luck~

Dianne/Flutter said...

You are too funny! Wishing you loads of luck! Also, I read somewhere that eating pineapple in large quanties is detrimental.

JJ said...

The Super Six! Hoping that one (or more) stick around for the long haul!

SaraS-P said...

Hope the pineapple and progesterone help you get that singleton!

Mrs. Piggy said...

wowsers, 6?!?!! One of them HAS to take. Cant wait to find out!

dmarie said...

Good for you! Stick little ones!

amy said...

SIX?!? You are brave.

Your blog makes me smile. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours. I'll be staying tuned to how this IVF situation works out....and to see pictures of what the single sandwich (or the sextuplets) look like in a few months :)


Chili said...

Good for you! I'll be thinking of you, and hoping the doctors are being unnecessarily pessimistic!