Thursday, September 27, 2007

All About Pee

Sunday, as you may recall, I POAS'd.

It did not go well. I think it was pretty apparent to all involved.

So Monday, when I got up to do it again, H intervened.

Now, I want to set the stage. We live in a modest-sized apartment. We have a modest-sized bedroom. And we have a teeny tiny hallway to the bedroom door.

And I make H actually, ahem, baptize the tests.

Sunday I had been in the room when he did it, and we got a negative. Monday, I resolved to pee in a cup, set it aside and let H insert stick at his leisure.


Except when I got up (announcing my intentions) H scrambled from the bed. Ran in front of me. And blocked the bedroom door.

"No," he said. "No tests today."

I was a little it surprised. Shocked. And full of pee. (I don't know about you, but *I* wake up with a full bladder. ALWAYS).

"What do you mean, no?"

"No," H reiterated. "It's too soon. It'll be a negative and it may not be valid. No tests today."

I would have argued but the floor was cold and the bladder was full.

You win this round, Arch-Enemy of POAS...

Tuesday morning came, and and we'd overslept. H turned off the alarm. I awoke with a bursting bladder and ran to the restroom. H was right behind me, urging me to hurry. He implored me so passionately that it wasn't until after that I realized I hadn't, ahem, saved any to test.

"OMG!" I cried, agitated. I explained to him what I had wanted to do (and what I had forgotten) and he wasn't upset.

He wasn't upset at all.

In fact, he was smiling.

You win THAT round, too, Mr. Evil Anti-POAS Man...

Wednesday morning, I woke up, eyes clear and mindful of purpose.

"I'm going to POAS today," I announced.

"It's too soon," says H.

"No, it's NOT," I say. I may get a faint response, but I will probably get some response. Assuming..." my voice trailed away, "Assuming I'm positive."

"Well," replied H, still nestled in bed. "Do what you want. I'm going back to sleep."

But. But. But I'm too scared to do this one my own. C'mon, please...

"No," H repeats, his tone final.

Crap. One more round to the Villain of Verification.


Bea said...

You know, I think he's right, but on the other hand how damn frustrating of him! Grrr.


Knock Me Up said...

He IS truly evil!!!! Bwahaha. But, I'm glad he's doing it. I never let myself test until the night before beta. You'll make it.

JJ said...

Oh wow..what a battle! Will you test tomorrow AM?!

AshPash said...

Oh the pee on a stick urge. You say you won't and then you just cave!! Good luck!

Dianne/Flutter said...

You are too funny! Wishing and praying for you.