Monday, September 10, 2007

At First, And Then

I went in for the AM monitoring today.

At first, I was happy.

Lining 10.6
Right: 17, 16, 15.5, 15, 15, 12, 12, 10.5
Left: 22, 17.5, 14, 13

YES! I waited for the nurse as this time there were too many for me to write down. "You're doing really well," she told me.

Egg retrieval may happen as early as Thursday. And they definitely want me to come back tomorrow and see.

And I did a happy dance. And I called H and told him to get ready. And then I danced all happy around for the rest of the day.

And then.

And then I caught the date.

And I realized tomorrow is September 11.

And then I was filled with memories of walking home under the cover of fighter jets.

And then.

Where were you on 9/11?


Delenn said...

I was driving on my way to work. I work near Boston, have a few friends living in NYC/Staten Island area. At first, hearing it on the radio, it sounded like a small airplane hit (I heard it at about the time it first happened). By the time I got to work, the second plane hit. I remember we gathered in our office and watched the towers fall on a small black and white t.v. I went home for lunch with a co-worker and watched it on her big screen t.v.

I could not reach any of my friends in NYC. I later found out they were okay, although one of them was caught in the exodus on the bridge to Staten Island...he did not get home for 4 hours. (Very tense hours for his wife and small child).

I feel for anyone who lost someone in such a tragedy. I cannot imagine their loss.

Dreamer4agift said...

I was at work. At a daycare at that time. I remember sitting in the classroom, watching the kids play and one of the teachers came by and said "a plane just hit the twin towers!" I was stunned and didn't really process it too well at that time. So, on my break I walked down the hall to the office and as I was looking at the t.v. they were talking about the first plane...then I saw The second plane hit. Fear gripped me and I went back to my class. I felt like a mother hen b/c suddenly I didn't feel very safe and I wanted to protect all the little ones in my care. I left work and went to get gas in my car (word had it that the gas prices were goin' to spike that night) and I couldn't stop listening to every radio station that was talking about it and I remember hearing "God Bless the USA" over and over again, driving, tears present in sadness for anyone who lost a loved one and the fear that it could easily happen to me.

SULLY said...

WOW. What a monumental day!

We had just moved into our house the weekend before 9/11...had no phone, no cable no nothing! J was working by the river at a CHEMICAL plant! I was working for a photo printer, as a proofer. J called and told me a plane hit the first tower. I thought it was similar to the Cesna that hit the Empire State Building in the 40's...until he called again.

My dad worked in the USX Tower at the time...the largest building in Pgh. The plane went down in the field, and everyone panicked. J's company sent them home. NOTHING IN OR OUT. Having no phone I had no idea...other than I couldn't get him at work...and my employer wasn't letting anyone leave.

It was surreal that night. I heard a plane at some point (a fighter jet I am sure) and instantly became frightened. We watched the images thanks to rabbit ears over and over and over...images that are now embedded in my well as everyone else of age that day.

Thanks for the reminder...

Bea said...

At work, North-East of London. Someone had the radio going wa-ay in the background. Something about it triggered my attention - perhaps they'd gone too long without playing any music?

Good to hear this Sep 11 is going much better for you (and I hope for lots of others).


SaraS-P said...

I was gearing up for an afternoon shift at a psych hospital. We were instructed not to tell the patients anything since so many of them were highly vulnerable.

Anns said...

I was living in Boston back then, in Beacon Hill where many of the passengers lived. I was at work and someone walked into the copy room and said that someone had flown a plane into the World Trade Center.

We lost a lot of our neighbors and held many vigils for them for weeks after.

Now I live in NYC and see a different perspective on the pain of 9/11.

So, so sad.

LJ said...

Working in Philadelphia, and my dad worked right by Grand Central in NYC. He called me up before the second plane and asked if I could look up what the news was saying on my computer, as they didn't have a good network and no radio, etc. I was the one that broke the news to my whole office. I drove to see my family up in CT that night, drove towards the scene. I didn't want to be away from them if something else happened.

deanna said...

I was working as a barista in a coffee shop in Maryland, and it was the 9am rush hour. We had the TV on, and once the news of the first crash broke through, everything in the shop stopped.

The worst part was that we couldn't STAY stopped. I remember being in such a daze, trying to focus my thoughts as people began ordering drinks again a few minutes into the broadcast. I just kept thinking, "How can you want a latte at a time like this????"

In spite of the sadness of today, here's hoping today held some joyful moments for you, and that Thursday is still a Go. =)