Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Trigger Tonight

I didn't get stats today. But the ones from yesterday:
Lining: 13
Right: 19, 18, 18, 17, 16, 16, 15, 15, 15, 14
Left: 18, 17, 14.

Today they said, "Yup, your retrieval is Friday."


I was prepared for there to be an issue with my dosage

I was prepared to underperform.

I was prepared to have them scrap the cycle half-way through because of something going wrong.



One of the lovely nurses from my clinic told me this morning. Reminded me that I needed to give myself another dose of my G0nal-F and Men0pur ASAP. I called H in a panic, and he went running home to mix and bring me drugs. (He has a far more flexible schedule than I do.)

Yikes. YIKES.

I am terrified and I am excited and I am TERRIFIED. I do not want to be the deflated hope balloon at the end of this. I don't want this to fail, I don't want to start thinking it'll work (or that it WON'T) I yi yi yi.

I should mention that, all things considered, this has been the best cycle I've ever had. When I did my IUIs, it was all me. I did the shots, I went with a cup the the RE. When we went to Argentina, H was far more involved, but somewhat distracted. After all, he was surrounded by family who he hadn't seen in a decade.

But this time... this time, it's him and me. We went to IVF orientation a few weeks back, and he made a nuisance of himself. Asking more questions than every other person in the room combined. H was so confident about his medicine mixing and needle skills he gave tips to the couple to our left.

He's shy.

When the drugs came, he personally reviewed and inspected them. This, he had decided, was his domain. When it came time to inject, he was ready. He spread out a clean towel and placed everything out. He was exacting, he was precise, he was lovely. Our instructions said to inject "about an inch" from the navel and so he measured. I've never felt so loved (and so glad to have an extra roll of fat on my belly).

I'm taking my trigger shot in three hours.

H says not to worry. He's been watching online videos on how to give an intramuscular shot.

Unfortunately, the videos were authored by the US Army, so this may not end well. ("Do you have an exit strategy for that needle?")


SULLY said...

Nica I am so excited for you!!!!

Good luck honey, I wish you the best!

My Reality said...

Good luck with trigger and retrieval. I am glad this cycle has been so great!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Oh this is so exciting!!! Best of luck--all is looking great!

Bea said...

Yikes. That's come around quickly. To me, anyway. If it's not too late, there's also a couple of IM injection videos here at IVF Shootemup including a self-injection one. (There's a thigh one elsewhere, too.)


Bea said...

P.S. Hilarious line about the US Army.


Mrs. Piggy said...

I remember my first trigger!!! I hope you two have a few laughs over it. DH and I did :) The build up was so much worse than the actual shot :)
Too bad the PIO needle sucks so much more than the HCG needle :)

Knock Me Up said...

That is great news. It looks like a really good stim. I'm so hopeful you will get some really great eggs and then some really great embryos and then a really cute ... well you know what I hope for you.

H sounds like he has been very sweet.

chicklet said...

Good luck! It's so close!

LJ said...

Good luck!!

SaraS-P said...

Best of luck with the trigger and all that follows!

hope548 said...

That is great news! I hope the shot went well! Good luck tomorrow.

Dianne/Flutter said...

Nica, I'm so excited for you. Hoping and wishing. (My DH received his training with the US Army, and all my trigger shots went wonderfully.) Fingers crossed for you.