Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cycle Day 6

Updated to show the pictures H took. (We're geeks)
I love my new RE clinic. I love that they are open holidays, weekends, you name it. I love that, in orientation, the nurse made a not of saying "if your ideal egg retrieval day is Christmas, we will have egg retrieval on Christmas." It's a solid up-side of going to a place that is SO FREAKING HUGE.

So I go in today for my "midpoint" check. I'd asked H to cme with me, and to my delighted suprise, he said yes. So we took off for the clinic at dark-thirty, and were there shortly after it opened.

Can I just say: three times I have been there for early morning monitoring moments after it opened, and three times the place has been PACKED. Easily, each time, 10 to 15 women ahead of me. Wow. Wow.

Who was it who mentioned going to an IVF orientation class, and none of the students made eye contact with each other? (Apologies, it was a good comment and I should have made note). The waiting room at my RE clinic is (mostly) like it. Today, I realized it felt like a casting call. As though, somehow, some of the women looked at the others as competition. You know? No sense of camaraderie, no "we're all in this together." More along the lines of "80% lose and is it going to be me or you?"

Maybe it's just a New York thing. (We're a little competive here.)

Anyway, the stats: CD6
Lining: 8
Left: 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 10, 10
Right: 14, 13, 10, 10

We checked (again) and everything seems to be going normal, fine. (I've mentioned my first RE was always concerned about the overachievers, and used to put me on lupr0n. This place's response is "well, it happens. No biggie." Crimeny!)

More later.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a New York thing, because here in the outskirts of Toronto, nobody makes eye contact either.

Glad that all is progressing nicely.

SULLY said...

You have some great contenders!

Our office is the same...we have two waiting rooms...and I always get the first or second appointment...well one morning a woman came in after me...starts into where I was then LEFT to go to the other. LOL. HELLO we are all there for the same reason!

Knock Me Up said...

That is a great follicle line up. I'm in NYC too and it is the same at my clinic.

Bea said...

Hey - sounds like things are going great! I've always put the no-eye-contact thing down to the fact that everyone's trying to pretend they're somewhere they'd rather be, like, I dunno, anywhere else. You make eye contact, suddenly you have to admit you're actually *there*.