Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cycle Day... Um...

Okay, If I started bleeding Sunday then that makes this... Cycle Day 4.

that was hard.

Okay, I don't know if I've mentioned, but I routinely (from IUIs) have one follie that starts early, grows big and ruins the picnic for the rest of the girls. (I prolly mentioned).

Anyway, my new and improved clinic's standard protocol is to see you on Cycle Day 2, blood and wand, and then not see you for, like, five days.

With my history, I thought this was a recipe for disaster. So I asked for (and was granted) an earlier wand-and-blood.

Now, the note on the chart says "come in after three days." But when I went in for CD2, along with my instructions on how much drugs and how to mix was a note reading "come in Sept. 5." Which is Cycle Day 4 (today) which is not 3 days from the scan which is wrong.

I got confused. I kept counting and COUNTING over and over again. Finally, I thought, well, I'll just go in when the note says.

So I rise at the crack of dawn (years from now, they'll find out that sleep deprivation causes IF) and go to my clinic. And wait my turn. And my doctor comes in and says...

"Ummmm... why are you here?" (They couldn't find my chart. No one had pulled it, since no one was expecting me).

I explain. I also explain that HE'S MY DOCTOR although I haven't seen him in a year.

Results from the wand-and-blood
Lining: 3.5
Left: 11.5 and 11.5
Right: too small to measure

I ask about the overachiever (although this is the first time I've known of their being TWO) and he says "Nope. looks normal. I'm not worried. But it's early, and we'll keep an eye on it. What cycle day is it for you, he asks.

I cannot count. It is too early and I am too stressed. "I was here Monday." I say. "Well, you should come back at your regular interval," the doc says, "Friday morning."

The nurse coughs discretely. "Saturday," she gently corrects.

Math is hard.

Now: can I get context on my numbers?


SULLY said...

Thats GREAT! Two even sized follicles! Hopefully they both continue to cooperate! You go girl!

Beagle said...

Sounds good so far. If you keep having the runaway follie scenario maybe ask if adding ganirelix would help. It seemed to work well for me but I'm not sure what their exact criteria is for using it. I tended to have runaway lead and runaway e2 levels and the ganirelix helped even things out.

Good Luck!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Another terrible counter here---I have to write everything down, or it all gets to terribly confusing....
Glad for your great start!

Schatzi said...

I have pretty much given up the counting myself. CD1 is as far as I get anymore... anything after that, I just ask my clinic :-). Those two follicles you have sound good!

good luck!

Bea said...

I can't give you context. I took until day 14 or more to get 11.5mm follicles, but then it's probably a whole different protocol, and I do tend to have longer cycles anyway, and blah. Blah. Evenly-sized sounds good, though. Possibility of a few more on the way sounds better.

And you're right. Calendar maths is horrible.


Heather said...

Math is hard.

I go on cd 3 - and I usually don't have any follies to measure - and then don't go back until like day 12 or 13 (I ovulate late).

dmarie said...

Can I just tell you--I love your cartoon at the top!

As for counting, I only know what day I'm on if I look at my monitor.

Thx for visiting my blog and commenting :)

AshPash said...

Good luck on those two follicles! Seeing the boxes filled with meds just makes your heart skip a beat, huh? Best wishes!