Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And We're Off...


Started bleeding Sunday. Could not have been at a worse time, but there you go. Was technically a little early, but whatever. It's here.

Went running into my current clinic yesterday. Check your calendars; that's right. LABOR DAY and they were open for business. (And quite busy, too). That alone is a huge improvement over my last local RE. (Closed for holidays, weekends and whenever else she wanted).

I thanked everyone for being there on a holiday (the plebotomist who blood-ed me, the lab tech who wand-ed me, the nurse who reviewed my instruction).

Golly, it's a big place.

Anyway, I'm back in two days for monitoring. At my request -- previously, I have always had one over-achieving follie who doesn't let his friends get a chance. (Anyone had that? Is that anything?)



SULLY said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know, that sounds WEIRD...but WOO HOO. You are ready to go!!!!

You will be getting your BFP when I am just going in for my IUI (we hope)

Good luck!!!!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Thats great that you are ready to go!
Best of luck!

littledifficult said...

Good luck!

Bea said...

You're off! It all happens so much faster once you get started.


Kristen said...

I'm a new reader but just wanted to wish you luck on this upcoming cycle!